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Colnago C60 Dual Frameset - RSCG

Colnago C60 Dual Frameset - RSCGColnago C60 Dual Frameset - RSCG
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About Colnago C60 Dual Frameset - RSCG

Colnago C60 Frameset Features

After many long months of anticipation and rumour the Colnago C60 Disc is here. The next generation carbon frame masterpiece has been released to the world. A new standard of excellence has been set by Ernesto Colnago, leaving a benchmark standard for others to attempt to equal.  

The ultimate goal was the daunting task of improving the superb C59 frameset: to make it more efficient, with less rider fatigue and without any loss of strength or reliability.

The design had to be striking. The frame’s technical advantages had to stand out and not be completely hidden inside the frame. To achieve this Colnago developed the patented ThreadFit 82.5 bottom bracket featuring a unique precision engineered steel sleeve for ultimate reliability & strength. As a result of the increased bottom bracket size the frame tube cross sections have increased volume, thinner walls and drastic profiles. Star-shaped tubes are a proven design element and are now complemented by the introduction of start shaped lugs. The rear drop-outs have been completely redesigned for reduced weight and increased lateral stiffness. Even the water bottle mounts were redesigned to reduce weight while maximising strength.

The C60 is fully handmade in Italy, with great care – the same care that we’ve used over the last 60 years. The frame is made of carbon fiber, with star-shaped lugs and tubes an iconic design element that started with the Master.

The sections of the tubes have increased volume with thinner walls. The same concerns the lugs.

They are larger and stiffer, designed with the same shape of the tubes. In summary: the C60 tubes and lugs provide greater stiffness and resistance to bending. The rear dropouts have also been completely redesigned, to reduce weight and achieve greater lateral stiffness. Finally, the construction technique used in the C60 offers an unprecedented range of sizes, nine sloping and five horizontal, with custom sizing also an option.

Colnago C60 Review


C60 Headtube


The most striking difference between the C59 and C60 is the new tube shapes and its matching shaped lugs. 

The main tubes are shaped in the famous star design of the Master tubes the full length of the tubes, with 

no round cross section where the tubes meet the lugs. This is a first for Colnago. Lateral stiffness of the entire 

front triangle will increase. At the same time, the impacting forces during a rough ride will be better distributed, 

ensure a higher impact resistance. It may look simple, but achieving the shaping of the head-tube in this way 

is extremely difficult. Tubes and head tube lugs must be manufactured with paramount precision and tolerance. 

As a direct result of this technical improvement, the vertical wall found in the C59 was able to be eliminated, 

further reducing weight while adding comfort. This feature, unique to the C59, was a limiting factor in the design 

and manufacturing process. The full length star tube on the C60, by comparison, allows better control of the wall 

thickness and lamination of the entire length of the tube. This is a huge step forward regarding strength, reliability 

and comfort. 

Colnago C60 ThreadFit 82.5 Bottom Bracket


The heart of the new C60 is the bottom bracket. The dimensions of this masterpiece, especially 

when compared to that of the C59, have been created to ensure the ultimate in lateral stiffness. The 

star-shaped tubing inserts provide more stiffness and a better distribution of stress. This allows for 

significantly reduced wall thickness. This particular section of the tubing has required a considerable study 

of the coupling tolerances, to ensure a coupling of tube (male) and lug (female) at the highest precision and 

tolerances. The system of internal cable routing is now an integral part of bottom bracket junction, forming 

two structural ribs that add strength to this most critical area of the frame. 

C60 Downtube


The second major difference between the C59 and the C60 is the new oversized downtube. The new shape 

of the bottom bracket allows for the use of a much large tube diameter, thus greatly increasing lateral 

stiffness. With a square section of approximately 66x52mm (the C59 was only about 44mm) this tube 

represents the largest tube ever produced by Colnago. This increase leads directly to more efficiency, while 

at the same time reducing weight without sacrificing comfort. Like the top tube, the star-shaped profile of 

the downtube runs the full length of the tube as it enters the lug, better distributing negative forces fromthe 

road surface. This tube profile improves lateral stiffness and efficiency, reduces weight and increases comfort. 

Colnago C60 Seat Tube


The C60 does not use a round seat tube in conjunction with star tubes and lug technology. This is another 

first for Colnago. In favor of a round tube shape, the seat tube becomes strongly asymmetric as it reaches 

and enters the bottom bracket lug. Due to the space required for the front derailleur, it is not possible to 

exploit the full width of the bottom bracket shell in the seat tube at this juncture. The solution is to use an 

asymmetric tube, with a width of 30mm on the left side and 21.5mm on the right half of the tube, for a total 

width of 51.5mm (for comparison, the seat tube of the C59 is only 34.9 mm). To further maximize lateral stiffness 

and quick response to handling input preferred by Colnago’s professional racers, as well as more dynamic road 

performance, the C60 continues to use a 31.6 mm seat post. Despite the dramatic increase in size, the weight of 

the C60 seattube is actually lower than that of the C59. This is the result of uncompromised design, material and 

construction methods.

Colnago C60 Drop Outs


Another new feature introduced with C60 are the forged, CNC-machined one-piece dropouts. With the C60, 

Colnago has worked hard to make the connection between the frame and the rear wheel a true masterpiece. 

Colnago has always been proponents of aluminum dropouts for strength and reliability. The new C60 dropouts 

weigh less than many products made of carbon fiber, but with absolutely incomparable stiffness and strength. 

The three dimensional design in particular helps the dropout maintain lateral rigidity in even in the most 

demanding situations. This increased stiffness will help also in the event of a crash – where the newly designed 

inbound derailleur hanger will more consistently break rather than the dropout itself. Colnago has paid attention 

to the smallest details on the dropouts, such as the milling on the drive-side dropout to cleanly route the cable of 

the electronic groupsets with no interference with the quick release lever during wheel changes.

Colnago C60 UCI approved


This frame is approved by the International Cycling Union and can be used in all races recognised by the UCI.

Colnago C60 Painting


Colnago C60 frames painting, individually spraypainted in Italy one by one; every frame is unique!

More About The Manufacturer Colnago

Colnago Ernesto & C. S.r.l. or Colnago is a manufacturer of high-end road-racing bicycles founded by Ernesto Colnago in 1954 near Milano in Cambiago, Italy. Instead of following his family's farming business, Ernesto Colnago chose to work in the cycle trade, apprenticing first with Gloria Bicycles at 13, subsequently taking up road racing. After a bad crash ended his racing career, he began subcontracting for Gloria, opened his own shop (1954) and built his first frames the same year. Much in demand as a racing mechanic, he was second mechanic on the Nivea team Giro d'Italia under Faliero Masi in 1955, eventually being employed as head mechanic for the Molteni team of Belgian cycling legend Eddy Merckx. The company first became known for high quality steel framed bicycles, and later as one of the more creative cycling manufacturers responsible for innovations in design and experimentation with new and diverse materials including carbon fiber, now a mainstay of modern bicycle construction.