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Easton EC90 SL 1x Crankset

Easton EC90 SL 1x CranksetEaston EC90 SL 1x Crankset
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About Easton EC90 SL 1x Crankset

EC90 SL Crank

The EC90 SL crank utilizes the RaceFace Cinch technology which allows for direct mount 1x rings as well as direct mount 2x spiders, and industry leading versatility.

Increasingly popular 1x setups have many advantages including weight and simplicity. Their major limitation is adaptability. A Cyclocross rider's ability to ride a course, then effortlessly change chainrings to their preferred setup is a major necessity that has, until now, been overlooked. The chainring has a narrow/wide tooth profile. Easton refines the design for larger ring applications with improved chain retention while reducing running noise and friction. Finally Easton launches a new line of low friction Bottom Brackets to complete the EC90 SL Crank package.
Shifting Rings
Building of a strong shifting ring technology platform they went through seven rounds of revisions and refinement with the help of rigorous lab testing and on bike field and race testing with Silber Pro Cycling. The final product is a thing of beauty. Heavily machined for weight savings and excellent stiffness, the Easton shift rings have excellent shifting performance thanks to extensive optimized shift ramps and pins. Utilizing the versatility of the CINCH system, Easton offers spiders with a 45mm chainline optimized modern road bike hub spacing. The EC90 SL crankset is your Easton Advantage.

EC90 SL Crank

Shifting Rings


"The EC90SL rings and crank and Easton PF30 bottom bracket performed flawlessly during our test—responsive and durable with great chain retention." - Peloton Magazine

"...including bombing down stutter bump laden roads, the chain stayed on the ring. Considering there’s no clutch on the Ultegra derailleur, I’d say they work. Everything installed quickly and easily, too, which is always nice." -

"There’s no question about it. The EC90 SL is a lightweight, stiff crankset offering that should please serious cyclocross racers.... Many cyclocross racers will spend $2k on a race day set of wheels and tires that saves 200g or less. Rolling resistance and rotating weight discussions aside, the Easton EC90 SL crank could save the same amount of weight (perhaps even more if you’re converting from a two chainring drivetrain) for less money, but you’ll enjoy the benefits on all your rides—not just race days." -

More About The Manufacturer Easton

Born in 1984, Easton Cycling has built on nearly a century of sporting good production with carbon component manufacturing that is renowned around the world for its performance and quality. Easton Cycling is a world leader in cutting-edge composite utilization, spearheading the use of Carbon Nanotube Technology in cycling components - from Tour de France-winning wheelsets to stems and handlebars.