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Fulcrum Racing Zero Carbon Clincher Wheelset

Fulcrum Racing Zero Carbon Clincher WheelsetFulcrum Racing Zero Carbon Clincher Wheelset
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About Fulcrum Racing Zero Carbon Clincher Wheelset

Introducing carbon fiber.
Racing Zero switches to carbon for the first time, and does it in its own way: it is the first wheel on the market that combines a carbon rim with aluminum spokes. This new hybrid technology combines the legendary rigidity of the aluminum Zero with improved reactivity, thanks to the carbon rim, which reduces the peripheral weight and so the moment of inertia. A light wheel, with a superior handling and an optimal power transmission to the ground.



The Rim:
A 30 mm high carbon rim with a wider cross section: this wider base provides more grip, more comfort and a superior handling. The rim is made from UD - unidirectional carbon, among the best-performing currently available on the market. The use of 3K fiber on the braking surface provides better braking feedback.



the wide and rounded profile reduces the friction coefficient.



The Spokes:
Racing Zero Carbon setup provides aluminum aero spokes: this choice was made to ensure optimal rigidity whilst paying special attention to aerodynamics. The legendary Racing Zero’s steering precision starts here.



The Nipples:
Racing Zero Carbon is the first wheel on the market with carbon rim and aluminum spokes: this means that the nipples, the connection between the two different materials, had to be studied and redesigned. The new nipples, inserted thanks to MoMag™ technology, are specially shaped to facilitate the assembly process and to stay in place without the addition of any other cushioning material.


Hubs and Oversize Flange:
Carbon hub with oversize aluminum flange and Two-to-One™ technology: the doubling of the spokes on the cassette side provides greater torsional stiffness and therefore a greater reactivity at each pedal stroke. This means greater efficiency in the transmission of power to the wheel. The front hub has been redesigned, the new model is smaller and so lighter. Smoothness is ensured by the famous USB™ ceramic bearings.



Plasma Electrolytic Oxidation Freehub Body:
The freehub body for Shimano-SRAM will be submitted to Plasma Electrolytic Oxidation treatment in the laboratory. Despite the thickness of the material being reduced to the minimum, the duration and strength are maintained with the benefit of a lower weight.





Front Wheel  
Rim Clincher/Tubular, UD Carbon fiber, 17C, 30mm, 3K fiber Braking Surface
Spokes 16 straight pull – Aero – Aluminium 
Hub Carbon Fiber, Aluminum flange 
Nipples Aluminum
Rear Wheel  
Rim Clincher/Tubular, UD Carbon UD, 17C, height 30 mm, 3K fiber Braking Surface 
Spokes Two to One™, Straight pull, Aluminium, Aero: 7 left, 14 right
Hub Carbon Fiber, Oversize Aluminum flange  
Nipples Aluminum
Wheelset Weight  
Clincher: 1358g

More About The Manufacturer Fulcrum

Fulcrum Wheels s.r.l. designs wheels and components for racing bikes and distributes them in over 30 countries worldwide. They were based on the idea of three aerospace engineers who are passionate about bicycles. The strong points of this young company include the use of unique patents, ongoing technological research, and the attractive and young-spirited design.