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Fulcrum Red Passion 3 27.5" Clincher Wheelset

Fulcrum Red Passion 3 27.5" Clincher WheelsetFulcrum Red Passion 3 27.5\" Clincher Wheelset
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About Fulcrum Red Passion 3 27.5" Clincher Wheelset

Never known to compromise, it sets the bar in terms of steering precision for such a light wheel.

Red Passion 3 is a very special wheel. All its components were designed and sized in synergy.

So materials, dimensions and tensions work together for maximum harmony.

This is what enables Red Passion 3 to make the difference when it comes to racing and fighting for victory – its natural environment.


Rim - The aluminum MTB rims have an ultra low, milled profile to keep the lowest peripheral weight possible, making the wheel extremely reactive. This specific shape also provides excellent impact resistance.

Asymmetric: the rim shape has been studied to improve the tensions, balancing the forces coming from the brakes and cassette.

Tubeless ready: over the time tubeless has been established as the preferred solution for the high-end wheels, as it ensures better handling and protection against punctures.

Red Passion 3 is ready for the transformation: thanks to a special contoured and reinforced rim profile that adheres more easily to the tire, while fitting is easy and safe.

Hubs The hub bodies are made entirely of aluminum which combined with an oversized axle enhances both power transfer and reactivity. Sealed bearing help with stand the effects of use over time.

20mm axle: extremely lightweight – very high rigidity. Improves steering precision.

AdaptableA solution that allows the mtb wheels to adapt to different standards on the market in a fast and simple way.

Different adapters can be fitted in a few easy steps to allow the MTB wheel to be fitted to any frame standard.

Spokes and NipplesAluminum nipples: make it possible to reduce the peripheral mass of the mtb wheels to the minimum, thus increasing its reactivity.

Stainless steel spokes.


Discipline: Cross Country / Marathon

Tyre Type: Tubeless Ready

Tyre Size: 27.5"

Weight: 1450g., Boost 1485g.

Rim Material: Aluminum

Rim Material Details: Aluminum

Rim Height: Front and Rear 16mm

Rim Width: 24mm, Inner Rim Width (Channel) 21mm

Tyre Width : From 2.0” To 2.5”

Braking System: Disc Brake

Braking Options: 6 Bolts or AFS

Front Axle Compatibility: QR/HH15 + Boost Version

Rear Axle Compatibility: QR/HH12/XD + Boost Version

Front Wheel Spokes: 28 - Left 14 - Right 14

Rear Wheel Spokes: 28 - Left 14 - Right 14

Spokes Material: Stainless Steel

Spokes Profile Technology: Rounded, Straight Pull

Nipples: Aluminum

Front Hub: Aluminum, Aluminum Flanges

Rear Hub: Aluminum, Aluminum Flanges

Bearings: Industrial Bearings System

Others: Plasma Treated Hg Freewheel. Aluminum Axle. One Hub Fits All.

XD Compatibility: Yes

Weight Limit: 90kg (Cyclist)

More About The Manufacturer Fulcrum

Fulcrum Wheels s.r.l. designs wheels and components for racing bikes and distributes them in over 30 countries worldwide. They were based on the idea of three aerospace engineers who are passionate about bicycles. The strong points of this young company include the use of unique patents, ongoing technological research, and the attractive and young-spirited design.