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Fulcrum Red Wind 50mm Clincher Wheelset

Fulcrum Red Wind 50mm Clincher WheelsetFulcrum Red Wind 50mm Clincher Wheelset
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About Fulcrum Red Wind 50mm Clincher Wheelset

Swift as the wind.

The 50mm high rim is the ideal size for any type of route: aerodynamic on flat stretches, easy to handle and lightweight when the road is uphill or downhill.

Red Wind with aluminium and carbon profile for clinchers are the choice for those seeking a performance wheel that is both aesthetically aggressive and elegant.

Fulcrum Red Wind 50 Rating


High grade, top quality steel bearings - Adjustable ball bearing system in ultra high quality steel for reduced friction and maximum performance even after extensive use. Quick and easy to adjust. 

Intergrated Alumium/Carbon rim structure - The exclusive coupling system of the aluminium rim and carbon structure makes the rim extremely rigid, it allows for excellent responsiveness levels and durability of the wheel.

Exclusive Pressing System for the rim in unpainted carbon - Enables an extremely limited weight and a smooth surface free from imperfections.

Aerodynamic profile in steel - Ensuring the maximum aerodynamic penetration and, thanks to the material employed, lower weight and greater reactivity.

Self-Locking Nipples - To maintain the right tension of the spokes and does not require any maintenance.

Aluminium hub body - Gives the wheel a high degree of lateral stiffness and reduces weight to the minimum.

Oversize flange on the drive side - increases the torsional stiffness, increasing reactivity at each change in rhythm of the pedal stroke.

Quick Release - Completely redesigned and lighter wheel block Steel spine and eccentric, lever with drill lightening and aluminum die.

S.H.A.R.C. Rating

Smoothness: 10

Handling: 8

Aerodynamics: 9

Reactivity: 7.5

Comfort: 8.0


Weight: 785g

Spoke count: 18

Compatibility: Campagnolo 9/10/11 speed version


Weight: 785g (Front)/ 970g (Rear)

Wheelset Weight: 1755g

Spoke count: 18 (Front) / 21 (Rear)

Compatibility: Shimano 8/9/10/11 speed version/ Campagnolo 9/10/11 speed version

More About The Manufacturer Fulcrum

Fulcrum Wheels s.r.l. designs wheels and components for racing bikes and distributes them in over 30 countries worldwide. They were based on the idea of three aerospace engineers who are passionate about bicycles. The strong points of this young company include the use of unique patents, ongoing technological research, and the attractive and young-spirited design.