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Fulcrum Speed 40 Clincher Wheelset

Fulcrum Speed 40 Clincher WheelsetFulcrum Speed 40 Clincher Wheelset
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About Fulcrum Speed 40 Clincher Wheelset

The Fulcrum Speed 40 Carbon Clincher delivers tubular performance in a more convenient package for the ordinary rider.

Boasting a 40mm full carbon rim and 24.2mm external/17mm internal width; the 40 mm rim profile is made using the exact same sophisticated Fulcrum carbon fiber technologies such as the 3k finish as well as the specially developed HTG resin utilized in the Speed 40T wheels found underneath pro riders’ bikes.

The profile of the 40mm rim ensures aerodynamic efficiency while also guaranteeing a rigid and reactive structure upon which to rely during especially demanding scenarios.

These handbuilt rims are the result of meticulous study of construction processes that allow for the rim to emerge from the mold with spoke holes already in place and a perfectly closed tire side - thanks to MoMag technology. This production technique eliminates the need to drill holes into the carbon fiber, a practice that could potentially weaken the structure and compromise the integrity of the rim. A MoMag ready rim is produced as one solid unit with no interruptions in the carbon fiber that weren’t part of the original design.

Particular attention was paid towards developing a braking surface that performed as flawlessly as the tubular 40T version while remaining as surefooted, without flex and capable of dissipating heat in an efficient manner despite the design geared towards a completely different rim/tire interface. Couple the advanced carbon fiber and resin used for the Speed 40 clincher with the universally lauded 3Diamant braking surface and the result is a rim that lasts as long as the rider and offers a braking performance without rival as well.

A smaller 28mm carbon fiber front hub is not only lighter due to its smaller stature and composite build but also offers an aerodynamic advantage as well as its reduced size. The USB ceramic bearings with cup and cone adjustment system keep things rolling smoothly and guarantee that the rider’s energy is spent transferring power into forward movement instead of fighting against friction.

Spoke lacing is radial for the front wheel while Fulcrum's Two to One 7/14 spoke pattern is retained for the rear. Additionally, DRSC technology is incorporated on the ends of the nipples which distribute forces of the spokes over a wider surface area, thus eliminating further any critical points of stress or friction related to the spoke/nipple/rim interface.


40mm full carbon rim with 24.2mm external/17mm internal width

MoMag construction for enhanced structural integrity

3Diamant braking surface

USB ceramic bearings

Smaller 28mm carbon fiber front hub for greater aero performance


More About The Manufacturer Fulcrum

Fulcrum Wheels s.r.l. designs wheels and components for racing bikes and distributes them in over 30 countries worldwide. They were based on the idea of three aerospace engineers who are passionate about bicycles. The strong points of this young company include the use of unique patents, ongoing technological research, and the attractive and young-spirited design.