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Pioneer Dura-Ace R9100 Consumer Supplied Drive Side Power Meter

Pioneer Dura-Ace R9100 Consumer Supplied Drive Side Power MeterPioneer Dura-Ace R9100 Consumer Supplied Drive Side Power Meter
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About Pioneer Dura-Ace R9100 Consumer Supplied Drive Side Power Meter

Far beyond what a simple hear rate monitor can tell, a power meter is the most valuable and necessary tool any cyclist can use to measure and quantify their efforts. Our unique Strain-Gauge technology measures the deflection (or bending) of the crank arm to continuously quantifies your riding effort. No other cycling tool can accelerate your progress faster than working with a power meter.


12 point force measurement for high accuracy and advanced metrics - Pioneer measures pedaling forces every 30˚, for 12 points of measurement per revolution. However, within those 12 points, Pioneer scans those pedaling forces an incredible 16 times, for an unbelievable 192 data points each rotation of the crank! This level of measurement is what leads to the accuracy of Pioneer power meters, as well as the basis for HDPower Metrics analysis.

Monitor force vectors and pedaling efficiency in real time

When used with Pioneer Cycle Computers, Pioneer has created the only Power Meter to measure force and direction of force in 12 locations – or every 30 degrees – while pedaling. When used with a Pioneer Cycle Computer, these measurements are graphically displayed as force vectors. These force vectors allow you to analyze the unique characteristics of your pedal stroke and calculate pedaling efficiency. And you can monitor it all in real-time on a Pioneer Cycle Computer, while you ride.

The industry’s first accurate torque vector measurements - When it comes to measuring torque vectors, there’s nothing approximate about it. Pioneer has designed the only Power Meter to provide precise torque vector readings at 12 points of every pedal stroke. These can be monitored in real-time on a Pioneer Cycle Computer.

A path for consumers to upgrade their system to a Dual Leg power meter system as they grow with their power analysis - Upgrade your analysis by adding a drive side upgrade kit, send in your existing crank to be upgraded to a Dual Leg system. There is no better, or more detailed tool for analyzing power or pedaling balance metrics than a Dual Leg system, especially when combined with Pioneer’s HDPower Metrics.

Race-tested, rider-perfected - The Pioneer Power Meter is built to perform in the toughest conditions. It was refined over a punishing season of racing through rain, snow, cobbles, mud and the thigh-burning climbs of the world’s most prestigious grand tours. It’s lightweight, fully-integrated design adds just 64 grams to your crank, measures up to 2,150 Watts @120 RPM, and is accurate to within +/- 2%. It can be easily calibrated for varying temperatures and elevations and is available in red and black transmitter caps.

Compatible with ANT+ Cycle Computers - ANT+ is a low-powered (2.4GHz range) wireless communications standard used by most cycle computer brands. The Pioneer Power Meter can easily pair with ANT+ compatible cycle computers and display power measurements that are available on that computer. For the full range of never-been-seen-before data including force vectors, torque vector, and other measurements, it must be paired with the Pioneer Cycle Computer.

Post-ride data like you’ve never seen before - The ultimate training tools. Cyclo-Sphere for PC and supporting Cyclo-Sphere Mobile App let you analyze every moment of every ride. Simply upload your ride data to Cyclo-Sphere to view total power, power balance, force and torque vector charts, pedaling efficiency, heart rate, speed, cadence, distance, altitude, temperature, and much, much more.

Cyclo-Sphere Mobile App provides quick access to your Workout List with a powerful Segment Compare feature that allows you to choose where and when you want to challenge yourself the most. Both Cyclo-Sphere PC and Cyclo-Sphere Mobile App are complimentary with your Pioneer Cycle Computer.



Included Crankset: Compatible with Shimano DURA-ACE 9100, 9000, ULTEGRA 6800, R8000*, and Campagnolo Potenza 11 cranks.

Cran Arm Length Options (mm)

Du: aAce - 165 - Compact and Standard Only / 167.5 - Compact & Standard only / 170 / 172.5 / 175 / 177.5 - Standard only / 180 - Standard only. Ultegra - 165 / 170 / 172.5 / 175

Chainring Options: Compact / Mid / Standard

Left and Right Arm Strain Guages: Right Only

12-Point Force Direction Measurement: Right Only

Dual Accelerometers per Crank Arm: Right Only

Pioneer Pedaling Monitor Mode

For use with Pioneer Cycle Computers: ANT+ Mode

For use with Pioneer Cycle Computers

Discrete L/R Zero Calibration Memory: Right Only

Accuracy: /- 2%

Chainring Exchangeable (Shimano only): N/A
SGY-PM91 Series Power Peter

Included Crankset: Shimano FC-R9100 "DuraAce" Crankset

Crank Arm Length Options (mm): 165 - Compact and Standard Only / 170 / 172.5 / 175

Chainring Options: Compact / Mid / Standard

Left and Right Arm Strain Guages: Yes

12-Point Force Direction Measurement: Yes

Dual Accelerometers per Crank Arm: Yes

Pioneer Pedaling Monitor Mode: For use with Pioneer Cycle Computers: ANT+ Mode

For use with ANT+ Cycle Computers

Discrete L/R Zero Calibration Memory: Yes

Accuracy: +/- 2%

More About The Manufacturer Pioneer

Founded in 1938 when Nozomu Matsumoto began making speakers in his garage, Pioneer is now a world leader in electronics products for the car, home and business markets. Known for its music and domestic electronic products, the company expanded into the sporting sector in late 2013 with the advent of a cycling power monitoring system.