We paired with Denmark, one of the best pursuit teams in the world, with the goal of shaving a precious few seconds off the clock.
This bike endures monstrous power output in the velodrome, and yet handles with absolute precision at break neck speeds. 
Optimal Balance - Optimal Balance is the design and fabrication philosophy behind all of Argon 18’s bikes. It is the subtle alchemy of lightness, rigidity, comfort and aerodynamics.
The result: a high-performance bike that is easy to ride, that handles well when climbing and is quick off the mark. What’s more, it provides the rider with a feeling of satisfaction without any unwanted fatigue. Much more than a simple idea, Optimal Balance is the result of over 25 years of research and development—expertise which reinforces Argon 18’s reputation as a world leader in high-end bikes and technology.
Integration - The cycling industry is highly competitive and rapidly growing. In this market full of innovation and integration, Argon 18 is leading the way with technological solutions that are ever more effective. Agon 18's solutions are tailored to the specific needs of cyclists—both men and women—at all levels of competition. Moreover, they're constantly evolving innovations are easy to both implement and use. Evolution is the key to adaptation.
Aerodynamics - In high-performance cycling, every second counts and aerodynamics can change everything. That’s why any reduction in drag—not matter how small—is of utmost importance. By testing their bikes in true wind conditions, they ensure that all their products are infinitely more accurate and competitive.
AFS - Argon Fit System - Argon 18’s expertise in geometry is based on Gervais Rioux’s vast experience as a professional cyclist and a bike shop owner as well as extensive research and development. The Argon Fit System (AFS) is designed to provide riders of all physical dimensions with consistent performance and optimal ergonomics. No matter what your morphology or your racing style, your positioning will always be efficient and comfortable, ensuring the ultimate in handling.
Positioning and Geometry - At Argon 18, they design their bikes by breaking the frame down into eight distinct sections, each with a specific role. As the length of the frame increases so does the length of each section. This preserves the bike’s well-balanced proportions and ensures that all their frames, regardless of size, have ideal ergonomics and flawless handling.
HDS - Horizontal Dual System - With its Horizontal Dual System (HDS), Argon 18 has succeeded in combining rigidity and comfort, qualities that are typically seen as mutually exclusive. The basic idea is simple: their frame tubes are each designed for a specific purpose.
Versatility by designA modular cockpit design allows you to easily swap between drop bar and pursuit bar (standard)
Performance through integrationThe integrated front end was designed to increase aerodynamic efficiency and minimize deflection of the head tube under load, thus giving every advantage to the competitive athlete
Collaborative development with danish olympic team Designed to meet the needs of the most demanding athletes – bronze medal in the team pursuit, bronze medal in the omnium and olympic record in the individual team pursuit at the 2016 rio olympic games
Exclusive oneness concept 3.0 integrated handlebar Offers greater headset adjustment, optimal aerodynamic positioning, and more than 30 configuration options
Custom-designed anti-rotation saddle rail clampEnsures the saddle stays put under the highest power output
23mm tyre clearance Front and back wheels
Stainless steel dropout inserts At the fork
Replaceable stainless steel horizontal dropoutsAt the back
BSA Standard - bottom bracket
Optimal balance - stiffness, aerodynamics and lightweight; balanced for ultimate performance
Frame Argon 18
Fork Argon 18
Handlebar Pursuit
Seatpost Argon 18 ASP-4500
Headset FSA Orbit IS2 + 3D 1" 1/8
Tyre Clearance 23mm
Seatpost Argon 18, Carbon
Sizes S, M, L

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