The Nitrogen Pro is Argon 18's foray into the world of aero road frames. Designed as the primary weapon for the sprinters of the BORA-Argon 18 team, it's built for speed and retains principles of the brand’s Optimal Balance philosophy - equal emphasis on light weight, rigidity and comfort. 

The shape of the Nitrogen’s Nanotech HM8003 tubes indicates its intended purpose - minimising drag. It’s aimed at sprinters, breakaway artists, and anyone who spends time riding solo.

The Nitrogen boasts a modified version of Argon 18’s 3D head tube system; technology that allows you to structurally adjust the head tube height so that you can raise or lower the handlebar position without traditional headset spacers. According to Argon 18 test results, raising the bar 15mm with the 3D system results in 5 percent more rigidity compared to standard setups. And raising it 25mm saves you 11 percent more rigidity. The 3D adjuster pieces on the Nitrogen have a special aero shape that integrates with the frame, complementing the narrow profile of the head tube’s hourglass shape.

The Nitrogen’s monocoque carbon fork was designed using extensive CFD modeling to pair up with the frame and provide maximum aero advantage without sacrificing weight or rigidity. The front brake, co-developed by Argon 18 and TRP specifically for the Nitrogen, is tucked neatly behind the fork, away from the wind. The control cables route cleanly into the top tube, just behind the stem, to further enhance the clean look of the cockpit area. The trailing sideof the downtube has a flattened profile, a design aimed at using standard round water bottles with minimal drag.


A frame weight of just 833g

The Nitrogen also features Argon 18’s Horizontal Dual System, which balances stiffness and compliance for a comfortable ride. Imagine a diagonal line running from the head tube down to the rear dropouts. Everything below the line represents the 'Power Zone', where rigidity matters most. In the case of the Nitrogen, that means a stiff, aero-shaped head tube up front to ensure crisp, precise handling while cornering or sprinting, combined with a massive bottom bracket area and asymmetrical chainstays to maximize every bit of energy you put into the pedals. The threadless BB86 bottom bracket further boosts stiffness with no added weight.

The 'Comfort Zone' consists of smaller, thinner frame tubing up top to add compliance and give it a smoother ride.

The aero-shaped carbon seatpost is reversible, offering 72 or 76.5-degree effective seat angle options. And the clamp is movable, allowing you to dial back the seat angle to 78 degrees — perfect for quickly dialing in your position for triathlon or TT riding. Inside the post is an integrated mount for a hidden Di2 electronic drivetrain battery.

New AHB5000 aero handlebar

A massive development for Argon 18 is the AHB5000 aero handlebar, which is the company's proprietary cockpit setup that aims to provide an energy-saving advantage through better aerodynamics.

Made of carbon, the new AHB5000 aero handlebar provides a sleek new frontal surface for the Nitrogen frame, which offers the benefits of a one-piece system but with more adjustability. With a jaw clamp system within the built-in stem, a single M8 bolt adjusts the length of the stem thanks to a 20mm spacer (included with the frame). A dust cap covering the jaw clamp prevents contaminants compromising the integrity of the system.

There are also computer mount drillings under the front of the handlebars, to further integrate the cockpit and offer aerodynamic savings; the overall setup offers a drag saving of 30% compared to a standard, round bar and stem offering.

Included with each Nitrogen Pro frameset are two stem 'back-ends' and a 20mm spacer; this allows you to dial in the fit of your Nitrogen Pro.

With X-Small frameset: Small & Medium stem (70 & 80mm) + 20mm spacer + 40cm bars

With Small frameset: Small & Medium stem (70 & 80mm) + 20mm spacer + 42cm bars

With Medium frameset: Small & Medium stem (70 & 80mm) + 20mm spacer + 44cm bars

With Large frameset: Medium & Large stem (80 & 90mm) + 20mm spacer + 44cm bars

With X-Large frameset: Medium & Large stem (80 & 90mm) + 20mm spacer + 44cm bars

Argon Fit System (AFS) road geometry ensures that in every frame size, the dimensions remain proportional and well balanced, offering riders of various physical types equal ease in finding the optimal position. Furthermore, handling and stability are enhanced by proper weight distribution and frame/fork geometry, ensuring the optimal balance between quick, nimble steering and the necessary stability in fast descents and on rough roads. Regardless of size, the Nitrogen Pro performs consistently, offering an efficient, comfortable position, agile, sure-footed handling, in all frame sizes.

Add to this a bottom bracket set 75 mm below the wheel axles - this lower bottom bracket lowers the cyclist's center of gravity and reduces head tube length, thereby improving rider control while increasing the frame's lateral rigidity. The end result is more accurate trajectories in turns, and more stability at speed.

ASP-5050 Aero Carbon two-way seat post offers aero performance and an extremely wide range of adjustment.

The new 3D system is now press-fitted, which means less parts, less weight and less potential vibrations.


Frame 833g (includes medium frame, paint, and clearcoat; included hardware [52g])
Fork Carbon monocoque fork 
Seatpost ASP-5050 Aero Carbon
Seatpost weight 220g
Bottom bracket BB86 (Press Fit)
Headset FSA #39 + Argon 18 proprietary 3D + compressor FSA TH-881-1 included

Removable and adjustable front derailleur hanger compatible with compact chainring
Carbon dropout and forged replaceable rear derailleur hanger


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