Since its introduction, the Bora Ultra TT has accompanied cyclists of the highest caliber in winning international medals in time trials.

In 2017, despite such success, the Campagnolo road lenticular wheel sees further innovation, improving upon its main characteristics of low weight and extreme stiffness. The new Campagnolo Bora Ultra TT Tubular Rear Wheel in fact weighs nearly 111g less than the previous model and is 8% stiffer than the stiffest competitor’s wheel. The Campy Tech Lab has focused additionally on creating a product that meets the needs of time trial bike braking systems and the results are impressive.


Ceramic Ultimate Level Technology (CULT) - Maximum Smoothness for Maximum Performance


Wheel Developed for the time trial frame - extremely stiff structure further eliminates flex near the bottom bracket, namely where the rear brake is positioned on most time trial frames, thus avoiding any possible friction with the brake itself. 

Full high modulus carbon rim for tubular braking surface - newly developed full carbon rim uses carbon braking surface in an effort to add uniform braking performance in addition to saving weight. 

Brake pads made especially for carbon wheels - the new blend increases the brake performance on both dry and wet surfaces without increasing the wear and tear on the pad or wheel. 

Full carbon disc in a specially developed weave profile - extreme new design reduces profile on both drive and non-drive sides for an even slimmer and more aerodynamic design. 

Graphics featuring the “winged wheel” -  the legendary Campagnolo “Winged Wheel” logo identifies Campagnolo lenticular wheels that use the very latest carbon fiber technologies. 

Bearings with CULT Technology - the combination between the highest quality ceramic bearings and housing in special Cronitect steel. CULT makes the wheel nine times smoother than the standard system of steel bearings. 

Cup and Cone bearings - easy bearing adjustment – reduces the possibility of bearing play – precision operation – maintains performance over time. 

Lightweight and extremeley rigid aluminum hub construction cassette - compatibile with Campagnolo 10 and 11 speed cassettes as well as Shimano Inc. 9, 10, and 11 speed cassettes.


Weight: 864g

Rim Material: Carbon

Rim section: Height/Width - mm (Nominal): D/20

Labels: B

Spokes Material: Carbon

O.L.D.: 130mm

Cups and Cones Bearings: Yes

Bearings Versoin: C

Compatibility: 9/10/11

Compatibility Table

The rim-tyre-pressure compatibility table is only and exclusively applicable to the following wheel models:

Model Brake Type Profile Type Internal Width
Bora WTO 60 DB Disc Brake 2-Way Fit C19
Bora WTO 45 DB Disc Brake 2-Way Fit C19
Bora WTO 33 DB Disc Brake 2-Way Fit C19
Bora WTO 60 Rim Brake 2-Way Fit C19
Bora WTO 45 Rim Brake 2-Way Fit C19
Bora WTO 33 Rim Brake 2-Way Fit C19
Bora WTO 77 Rim Brake 2-Way Fit C19
Bora One 50 DB Disc Brake Clincher C17
Bora One 35 DB Disc Brake Clincher C17
Bora Ultra 50 Rim Brake Clincher C17
Bora Ultra 35 Rim Brake Clincher C17
Bora One 50 Rim Brake Clincher C17
Bora One 35 Rim Brake Clincher C17
Shamal Carbon Disc Brake 2-Way Fit C21
Zonda DB Disc Brake Clincher C17
Scirocco DB Disc Brake 2-Way Fit Ready C19
Scirocco  Rim Brake Clincher C17
Khamsin Rim Brake Clincher C17
Calima Rim Brake Clincher C17

As such, the rim-tyre-pressure compatibility table is not applicable to wheel models no longer present in the current 2021 range or to the wheel models currently in the range that appear in the following table:

Model Brake Type Profile Type Internal Width
Shamal Ultra DB Disc Brake 2-Way Fit C17
Shamal Mille Rim Brake Clincher C17
Shamal Ultra Rim Brake 2-Way Fit C17
Shamal Ultra Rim Brake Clincher C17
Zonda Rim Brake Clincher C17

It shall be the end user's sole and full responsibility to choose - on a case by case basis - an adequate and correct rim-tyre-pressure combination, as well as to conduct all verifications necessary to ascertain the correctness and safety of such combination. Without prejudice to the above, and in order to ensure optimum rolling resistance, grip and, most importantly, safety, we recommend that the end user, in making his choice, also takes into consideration the recommended combinations of hooked rim width, tyre width and tyre pressure indicated in the chart set forth below.

Due to safety reasons, follow the information of the tyre manufacturer regarding minimum and maximum rim width to be used but always ensure that the combination is listed as possible in this table.

Compatibility Table Rim-Tyre-Pressure

Use of tubeless and tubeless ready tyres is forbidden on 2-way Fit Ready rims without Campagnolo 2-way Fit Ready adhesive tape.

TL = Tube Less
TT = Tube Type


"At high speed I can feel a great reactivity and a strong fly-wheel effect." M. Monfort – Lotto Soudal (Giro d’Italia, 2016)

"Very high stiffness, even trying to set the brake pads close to the braking surface, the wheel doesn’t touch the pads." A. Valverde – Movistar Team (Tour de France, 2016)

"On my TT bike I feel an improved reactivity with the new Bora Ultra TT when I increase my speed after a turn." D. Cunego – Nippo Vini Fantini (Giro d’Italia, 2016)

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