The mechanical Chorus rear derailleur benefits from the same technology and design of top-end Campagnolo products, incorporating the sophistication and performances of the 12-speed Super Record and Record.

With just a few changes in the materials used for its construction, like the external plate and derailleur cage in aluminum, the Chorus version produces exactly the same performance as the two more expensive groupsets with the addition of just a few extra grams. Chorus brings with it the same technology as the next level up, like the new optimized trajectory on bigger cassettes and fantastic 3D Embrace technology. The latest evolution in Embrace technology not only keeps the rear derailleur vertically aligned in the perfect position for each sprocket, it now makes the upper pulley wheel advance perfectly in the direction the bike is advancing. 3D Embrace technology and 12-teeth pulley wheels makes this rear derailleur suitable for all cassettes as the distance stays optimum on each individual sprocket, regardless of the cassette selected.


Embrace Technology - The special chainring positioned inside the gear body acts on a rectangular section spring that allows the component to move along a trajectory that perfectly follows the curve of the sprockets, on both the 11-23 cassette and the new 11-29.

Ultra-Shift System - Thanks to the Ultra-Shift patented system; you can move the chain simultaneously up 3 sprockets and then 5 down. Furthermore, the lever design allows for an ever lighter shifting, whilst maintaining the "click" sound featured on all Campagnolo controls. The Ultra-Shift system is featured on 2011 Super Record, Record and Chorus 11 Speed groupset ranges. 


Ultra shift - Exclusive geometry parallelogram. Maximum derailleur stiffness, fast shifting, precision, reduction of possible play.

Design - The shape of the parts enables the rear derailleur to move according to a different angle and the internal design and the upper pulley wheel with higher teeth keep the chain nearer the cassette to ensure better power transmission, greater and more secure traction, a better chain/sprocket interface and greater durability of components subject to wear and tear.

Carbon fiber front cage plate - Maximum rigidity, fast actuation and reduced friction.


The hanger can be dismounted for direct mount assembly!
For performance, longevity and functionality the Chorus drivetrain must be used with the mechanical Campagnolo 12-speed drivetrain components.


Material: Aluminium, Carbon
Weight: approx. 240g (manufacturer information)
Version: mechanical
Cage length: medium
Largest sprocket: 34 teeth
Smallest sprocket: 11 teeth

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