ErgopowerTM control has long been the industry leader in terms of ergonomics.

It offers a functional, unique andelegant Italian design. Now with the inception of the disc brake version we needed to realise a design that both the ergonomics and aesthetics remained as faithful to the form of their rim-brake counterparts as possible. To house the hydraulic cylinder, the internals were completely revamped to make room for a great deal of additional hardware compared to the rim brake version. However, when compared to the current rim brake Ergopowers the new disc brake versions are a mere 8mm taller, making this perhaps the most elegant DB control solution available in addition to maintaining the universally lauded Campagnolo ergonomics.


Last but certainly not least the disc brake unit cannot be complete without discs, and a high performance disc brake groupset must come with equally high performance rotors. In developing professional grade disc rotors, as with brake pads, the fundamental key to achieve extreme performance, safety and reliability is incorporating maximum resistance to heat.


Axial Fixing System (AFS) -  compatible with CL / AFS hubs.

Two Dimensions Available - Campagnolo guarantees the top performance with the use of 160 mm rotors. For the rear brake the 140 mm rotor is suggested only if the rider weight does not exceed 82kg.

Different Quantity of Spokes Per Each Dimension - same stiffness, structural and thermal resistance between the 140 mm and the 160 mm rotor.

High Heat Resistance - the rotor is designed in order to reach a high heat resistance, allowing the rider to descend in safe conditions. The inner aluminum spider permits maximum heat dissipation, leaving the hub to work at an acceptable temperature.

Rounded External Edges - eliminates sharp edges and greatly reduces possibility of rotor related injury. The rounded edges also aid insertion of the rotor in the caliper (perfectly matching the rounded pad angle).

Rivet Connections Engineered to Attain Safe Caliper Distance - not only dissipate heat in a safe and uniform manner but also guarantee performance in situations where excessive heat could compromise the functionality. 


Component Weight

504g (Ergopower Shifters) 115g (Calipers) 99g (Rotor each)

Rear Disc Weight Limit

140mm - up to 82kg (cyclist) / 90kg (cyclist + bike + accessories)

160mm - up to 109kg (cyclist) / 120kg (cyclist + bike + accessories)

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