The bicycle tube has not been further developed for ages. Tubolito want to change that. Their vision: the perfect bicycle tube - whether on the road, trail or city - developed for the optimal riding experience.

Full speed ahead: In order to be able to deliver even the heaviest freight without any problems, the Tubo-Cargo, developed for cargo bikes, shines with three times the robustness of standard hoses. In addition, it keeps the air better than competing products when it comes to everyday stress. The Tubo-Cargo is available in 20 ", 24" and 26 "each with an auto and a Sclaverand valve.


Lightweight - 2/3 lighter than a standard hose. Every gram less increases driving pleasure. It is particularly efficient to reduce the rotating mass. 

Tubolito therefore offers a simple and feasible weight tuning for everyone.

They achieve this because they combine a material that is new for this industry with a manufacturing technology developed for the bicycle tube. This combination enables them to manufacture a bicycle tube that only weighs 45 grams, like an S-Tubo-MTB-29

Tough - 2x more robust than a standard hose. 

Lighter AND more resistant. They make the impossible possible.

They solve this contradiction with a new approach:

Tubolito produce their bicycle tube from a thermoplastic elastomer, more precisely a TPU material. This family of materials is particularly efficient and is replacing classic rubber products in many areas. Thermoplastic elastomers are widely used in many different areas such as automotive or medicine.

It is their aim to transfer the excellent material properties of the thermoplastic elastomer into the finished bicycle tube. Tubolito achieved this by keeping the connection seams to a minimum and, on the other hand, making the overlaps as wide as possible.


  20 24 26
Weight 83g 95g 112g
Tyre Width 1.75 "- 2.5" 1.75 "- 2.5" 1.75 "- 2.5"
Valve 40mm Car Valve and 42mm Presta Valve 40mm Car Valve and 42mm Presta Valve 40mm Car Valve and 42mm Presta Valve

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